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Game Developement (Part 1)

This may be a mistake, but I’m going to start out at village 2, so I don’t have to restart my game. I’ve created all the make-do shops in village #2, or Fresond. There really are 2 major things in this village. One, a buy-able house, and another, the mayors house, giving the game a little bit of creepiness. For this game, I plan to have at least 5 buy able houses; so the needs for inns will be minimal by the end of the game. Let’s focus on the mayors house. As you walk in, I made it so the screen tints a dark tint, so you get the feeling something’s wrong. If you check the clock, it reads 6:15, and scattered around the house are clues that something is going to happen at 6:20. I put two poems in different books, hinting at the ending of the game, and a future aspect of the game:

Follow their lies, into their hand;
Always being led, to the point you can’t stand.
Keep in mind, the secrets of this world;
Elapse your mind, and watch as it’s swirled.


Lies are transparent, when they don’t exist
Over and over you try, but you just can’t resist
Very hard decisions have to be made
Everyone is around, but none will come to aid.

Anyways, as you look around the house, you notice a body, Upon further inspection, you find it’s the mayor. He’s dead, but he has a note in his pocket, telling you to go up to the attic, and read the note there. You walk up to the attic, and this is what the note reads:

You can’t hide forever, mayor, you know the fate of
your relatives. When the clock rings, I’ll come for
whoever is still in the house. I don’t care about
our deal, mayor.

At that moment, a clock rings Want to find out what happens later? Maybe you should follow this blog, as I’ll tell you later.


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